Why we are better than our competitors

We often get asked why our prices are slightly higher than our competitors. From very early on our business has always focused on quality and customer satisfaction, which the market lacked. You just need to google image 'bad tiling jobs' and see why a good tiling job can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

Here are the differences between us and our competitors:

Surface Preparation

This includes removal of dust, grease and grime. It also requires the use of additives and surface primers before tile installation. We do this.

Type of adhesives and grouts

The cost of Adhesives can vary hugely per bag and are a major factor in cost-cutting. We only use the best adhesives and products from CTA - Construction Technologies Australia.



Where others grout, we caulk! Most of our competitors grout at internal corners, bench tops, wall and floor junctions and areas that are prone to movement. In contrast, we apply silicone instead of grout. This prevents cracking of grout and water penetration.

Tile setup and layout

With the use of advanced lasers, we find plumb, level and square to achieve the best possible set up for your tiling. We try to avoid unnecessary small cuts and tile wastage.

Neat, clean cutting

This makes a huge difference to a finished job. You’ll find neat, clean cuts around architraves, skirting, floor waste, angles, finished wall and floor tiles, and cornices.

Lippage free

With the popularity of large-format tiles, tile lippage (uneven tiles) have become an eyesore and trip hazard. Most of our work is lippage-free, and with the minimal grout joint where specified.


We protect your home and surroundings before and during any installation. We always use drop sheets and plastic film to protect your walls, floors and carpet.

Safety first

You can rest easy in the knowledge that we’re fully licensed and insured. Our team members are also registered and trained in workplace safety.

Qualified tradesmen

We don’t subcontract work to unlicensed contractors or send an apprentice to complete a job. You’ll always have a qualified tiler working on your project.

For a stress-free and professional project, contact us today on 0411 200 486.

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