How to clean and care for your tiles

For many years, tiles have been a preferred choice of flooring and walls. Kitchen, bathroom and many other areas can be protected and enhanced with the use of tiles. This durable and elegant flooring option can look new for many years if you look them after properly. Here are some essential tips for you to consider when cleaning and caring your tiles.

  • Carryout daily cleaning

You should either sweep or vacuum the tile floor on daily basis in order to get rid of potential debris like dirt and food crumbs. Otherwise, dirt can blend with moisture or water and transform into a stubborn stain.

Note: Make sure that you sweep or vacuum tile floors before mopping. Also, never leave the floor damp for long durations.

  • Avoid Scratches

You should take all the possible precautions to avoid scratches. These scratches are often created when you drag heavy furniture items like chairs, couches and tables. Scratches on tiles can work as gateways for dirt to penetrate and cause unpleasant situations.

  • Use warm water

Your tile floor can easily be cleaned just by running a damp mop over the surface if it doesn’t have solid stains. However, after mopping each section, you need to cleanse the mop with good warm water to avoid germs being spread.

  • Dry the surface

No matter if you use water or detergent; you need to run a dry mop on the tile surface to get rid of dampness. Otherwise, dust will easily clog on the wet areas.

Immediately remove any spills and use disinfectant whenever necessary; such approach may keep germs away from your tiles.

We recommend the use of Aquamix Concentrated stone & tile cleaner.

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