Carpet vs Tiles - Are tiles a better option?

As any homeowner knows, it can be quite a challenge to keep a home neat and clean. Floors have to be vacuumed, furniture has to be cleaned and dust has to be wiped. Many people feel that tile flooring is a better option over carpets. Read on and know about the advantages of using tiles over carpets.

Tiles can be maintained more easily

Unlike carpet, tiles do not cling to dirt, hair, debris and other deposits. These can easily be maintained due to this reason. There are no worries of staining and liquid spills, dirt and grime can easily be wiped off the surface. There are various commercial cleaning agents available on the market to make it easy to preserve floor tiles.

No allergy problems

Tiles, as compared to carpets, do not result in any allergy problems. Dust, pollen and various types of pollutants enter carpet fibers and walking on carpets result in the release of these materials into the air that is breathed in. Unless carpets are cleaned and maintained regularly, home owners may suffer from allergies. Pollutants do not bind to tiles like they do with carpet.

Saving of money

Choosing tiles can also help save a lot of money for homeowners. Although the initial cost of buying them can be more, the cost savings can be greater over the long term. There are various types of tiles available in varied price ranges. Unlike carpeting, these do not need to be steam cleaned or vacuumed in order to be maintained. These do not even have to be replaced every few years afterwards. If maintained properly, tiles can last forever.

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