The different types of tiles

With the economy refusing to look up, more and more home owners are trying to find ways to reduce home maintenance costs. Many of them are using tiles instead of carpets, which are tougher and more expensive to maintain. At one time, brittle, thin rubber was used for making flooring tiles. These days, however, there are numerous other choices available. Even old rubber tiles used before come in a better and longer-lasting avatar. Read and know about the various types of tiles available today.


These are available with netting on the rear section. These can be installed as it is, or broken up into multiple sheets to make an individual pattern. These are best when used in small sections for decoration purposes.


Such kinds of flooring tiles appear in the form of granite or marble, although these cost less than such materials. Ceramic tiles are actually only thin clay strips, generally having a pattern or color on the exterior and having a glaze covering. These are designed to look highly stain and water resistant, and are also hard-wearing in appearance. These may have a textured or smooth surface.


It is one of the costlier choices for flooring. These are artificial in construction and are dense enough not to absorb any water. When it comes to sizes, there are varied choices for porcelain. However, these are also tougher to set up on the floor.


These are man-made in construction and are made to look like real stone. However, some of these are really very thin strips of pressed stone aggregate. Most of these are pasted with special kind of adhesive. These are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes.

Other than these, you can also find rubber, vinyl, terracotta, glass and various other types of tiles.

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