Ceramic tiles vs. porcelain tiles

Many people think that the ceramic and porcelain tiles are the same. On the other hand, tile sellers try to emphasize large differences between these two varieties. Regardless of the definitions emphasized by both the parties, this article is composed clarifying the differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are created with a blend of clays and several other natural substances. The main clay material of ceramic is mined from earth and prepared with the help of various processes. Ceramics can be presented with natural colored and kept unglazed to provide a terracotta appearance. If not they can be glazed with a color to give a very classy, superior finish either with matt or gloss finish. Basically, ceramic comes with white or reddish body color (just below the glazed layer).

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are relatively a newer form of standard ceramic tiles. These tiles have become immensely popular among many home owners across the globe. During the manufacturing process, fine porcelain clays are heated at extremely high temperatures than the ceramics. Because of this special process, porcelain tiles feature better dense, less porous characteristics. They absorb very little moisture and stain compared to ceramics. Quite often, porcelain tiles are harder to cut because of their strength.

The selection between porcelain and ceramics can be done determining the area, design, personal interest and the budget.

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