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Enjoy a stress-free, beautiful, brand-new bathroom experience. You only need to supply the tiles, and our craftsman will do the rest.



Not all tiling contractors are the same. When you are comparing quotes, ensure that you are comparing apples to apples. Our bathrooms are tiled to perfection in accordance with Australian standards. Do not get caught up with unlicensed operators or tilers who spot-fix tiles. Spot fixing is the installation of tiles with dabs of glue, and this will leave voids behind the tiles that lead to grout coming loose and cracking as well as allow water to travel behind the cavity, leading to tiling failure.

Our bathroom tiling process is a complete system that provides you with an everlasting and leak-free bathroom. To have something that will last a lifetime, it must be done correctly the first time—by professionals like us. Call the bathroom-tiling experts today!


Look for inspiration on our Instagram page or visit your local tile store and find that perfect tile. Once you have done this, let us take care of the rest. Did you know we also do complete bathroom make overs?



Step 1:  Sand-cement floor screeding with correct falls to floor waste. 10mm step down in shower (Recommended for frame-less shower screen installations. * Includes Efflock in sand-cement mix.

Step 2: Waterproofing - Installation of bond-breaker, pipe penetration sealing, and two coats of highly flexible waterproofing membrane. (Includes certificate of compliance of wet area treatment)

Step 3: Floor + Wall tiling – Tile lay out planning, and installation of tiles with a high strength, flexible, non-slump, polymer-modified, cement-based tile adhesive. Tile-leveling system also included.

*We lay wall tiles on top of floor tiles. This decreases the chances of the waterproofing membrane getting damaged during the wall tile installation. Prior to wall tiling, the perimeter of the room is caulked with a highly flexible silicone.

Step 4: Grout with a premium, high-quality, polymer modified, flexible grout.

Step 5: Caulking with a premium neutral cure silicone sealant at internal corners, wall and floor junctions, architraves, niches, and fittings. *Most of our competitors will use grout instead of silicone, which is the major cause of water damage from grout cracking.

Step 7: Light polish and cleaning of tiles.