The moment you choose your tiles, we will install them perfectly to ensure an amazing result that you can enjoy for many years to come. We can tile over concrete, timber, and even existing tiles. Ask us how today!


All our floor tiling services include:


  • The use of a surface primer, quality adhesives, grout, and silicone.

  • Cleanliness of your home and surroundings.

  • Installation of tiles under manufacturers and Australian standards: AS 3958.1-2007.

  • 100% customer satisfaction.



Residential - Commercial - Industrial 



a premium add-on service, where a mixture of Sydney sand and cement is applied at approximately 30mm thickness over your floor, using levels and our laser system for total accuracy. The result is a flat, straight, and level surface ready for tile installation.



 *Included with all floor tiling installations.

This is a revolutionary new system used during the tiling process that is guaranteed to provide a fantastic result. These clips hold the tiles in place while the adhesive is setting, thus providing a lippage-free and uniform finish.



Step 1: Surface preparation - Removal of dust and contaminates, wash down of floor, and application of surface primer.

Step 2: Floor tiling – Tile lay out planning, and installation of tiles with a high strength, flexible, non-slump, polymer-modified, cement-based tile adhesive. *Tile-leveling system also included.

Step 3: Grouting with a premium, high-quality, polymer modified, flexible, cement-based grout.

Step 4: Caulking with a premium neutral cure silicone where applicable.

Step 5: Light polish and cleaning of tiles.


If you are unsure of which colour grout to go with, we provide you with 2-3 samples to pick from. Otherwise, if you know what you want, we are more than happy to grout it in that colour.


For the installation of tiles in a home with timber skirting already installed, we recommend removing these prior to the tile installation and placing them back on once the installation is completed. In case this is not possible, we may be able to tile up against the skirting, leaving a gap and filling with silicone, which still allows room for your tiles to contract and expand.


Unsure of where to start? Visit your local tile store to find that perfect tile. Take note of the tiles and costs and get in touch with us before placing your order. This way you can ensure the tile is suitable for your home and the cost factors involved in the installation are within your budget.