Premium quality tiles laid perfectly will provide you with a lasting finish that can potentially breathe new life into an existing property or perhaps add the crowning glory to your new home. Enjoy the secure feeling that comes from having your tiles installed by a reputable professional!

We exclusively utilise products that meet and surpass Australian standards making them safety and health approved. We can recommend the perfect tiles to complement your space and budget, whether you are conducting a small residential home improvement project or installing a large commercial facility. The moment you choose your tiles, we will install them perfectly to ensure an amazing result that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Exterior and interior spaces present several conditions that must be considered in choosing and laying tiles. Our expert knowledge and specialised skills imply that you can count on us for the right suggestions, whether you want heavy-duty tiles for a commercial kitchen or some non-slip tiles for a pool area.


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Want to achieve a flat flawless floor? Add our sand & cement screeding service prior to floor tile installation. 


It is a mixture of Sydney sand and cement, applied at approximately 30 mm thickness over your floor, using levels and our laser system for total accuracy. The final result a flat, straight, level surface ready for tile installation.

TILE LEVELING SYSTEM - DTA LEVOLUTION *Included with all floor tiling installations

A revolutionary new leveling system used during the tiling process that is guaranteed to provide a fantastic result. These clips hold the tiles in place while the adhesive is setting, thus providing a lippage-free and uniform finish.



Step 1: Surface Preparation - Removal of dust + contaminates, wash down of floor and application of Davco ultra-prime.

Step 2: Supplied - High strength, flexible Non Slump, polymer fortified cement-based  tile adhesive that has been specially formulated with mastic type properties.

Step 3: Grouting with premium, high quality, polymer, flexible, cement based sanded grout. 

Step 4: Light polish and clean of tiles