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October 9, 2019

With the economy refusing to look up, more and more home owners are trying to find ways to reduce home maintenance costs. Many of them are using tiles instead of carpets, which are tougher and more expensive to maintain. At one time, brittle, thin rubber was used for making flooring tiles. These days, however, there are numerous other choices available. Even old rubber tiles used before come in a better and longer-lasting avatar. Read and know about the various types of tiles available today.


These are available with netting on the rear section. These can be installed as it is, or broken up into multiple sheets to make an individual pattern. These are best when used in small sections for decor...

January 8, 2019

Many people think that the ceramic and porcelain tiles are the same. On the other hand, tile sellers try to emphasize large differences between these two varieties. Regardless of the definitions emphasized by both the parties, this article is composed clarifying the differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are created with a blend of clays and several other natural substances. The main clay material of ceramic is mined from earth and prepared with the help of various processes. Ceramics can be presented with natural colored and kept unglazed to provide a terracotta appearance. If not they can be glazed with a color to give a very classy, superior finish either with...

October 31, 2018

For many years, tiles have been a preferred choice of flooring and walls. Kitchen, bathroom and many other areas can be protected and enhanced with the use of tiles. This durable and elegant flooring option can look new for many years if you look them after properly. Here are some essential tips for you to consider when cleaning and caring your tiles.

  • Carryout daily cleaning

You should either sweep or vacuum the tile floor on daily basis in order to get rid of potential debris like dirt and food crumbs. Otherwise, dirt can blend with moisture or water and transform into a stubborn stain.

Note: Make sure that you sweep or vacuum tile floors before mopping. Also, never leave the floor damp for lo...

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